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ISC provides employees and consultants to its state of Florida customers for long term recurring engagement. For more than six years, ISC has experienced a 100% contract renewal rate. This fact shows clearly how hard we work to place the right employee and consultant with the right client opportunity and team.

The following describes the hiring flexibility that ISC provides to ensure your successful employment with our team and clients:


ISC hires Employees who typically work a minimum of 40 hours per week or more but not exclusively limited to 8 hours per day, 5 days per week.

Full-time employees receive ISC’s full benefits package, as detail in the link below. In some cases, employees have insurance coverage through a spouse or partner's employer and choose to receive the value of health coverage added back into their compensation.

Employee Benefits


ISC hires Part-time employees who are classified as exempt or non-exempt and work a regular schedule of 25 or fewer hours per week.

1099 Independent Contractors

ISC contracts with independent contractors, which are often referred to as consultants, entrepreneurs, business owners, or self-employed individuals. An ISC independent contractor is not entitled to benefits provided by ISC to full-time employees.

Corporation to Corporation

ISC contracts via corp to corp or C2C, which means that you are either an LLC, corporation, or S corporation.


A temporary employee is hired for a specified project or time frame and may work an irregular schedule. A temporary employee in a non-exempt position receives hourly pay and is paid according to the terms of hire for that individual in an exempt position. Temporary employees may not receive any additional compensation or benefits provided by ISC.